The world of retail today is in the throes of profound change. Points of sale are no longer just points of sale. Visitors are not just buyers. To hold on to clients in this highly competitive environment, brands must stand out, grow and sometimes even reinvent themselves.

Visotec puts all its know-how toward serving their transformation. With an attentive ear to the needs of brands and the challenges of their market, we design unique signage elements, orchestrate project management and implement their image across all their networks, whether around the corner or across the world. All of these are key stages which we carry out with a single idea in mind: delivering the ideal solution to bring to light a remarkable point of sale, capable of proudly proclaiming the company's values and making a mark on the minds of its clients.


Our aspiration and raison d’être are to bring brands to life, connecting them with their targets, in a vibrant, engaging and galvanising way, worldwide.

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Thanks to highly qualified specialists based in the local environments, our network makes it possible for us to give substance to the most ambitious projects, in all regions of the world.

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Supporting the art of prototyping as well as large-scale production capacity, our 4 factories in Europe and India reconcile demanding know-how with industrial costs.

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Our quest for excellence and passion for brands are our driving force. They have shaped our history for 60 years and stimulate us to continually push back our boundaries.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Aware of the issues which our business entails, we have adopted numerous commitments aimed at limiting our environmental impact.

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Our Executive Committee

Deeply committed to making our clients’ brand implementation projects a success, our Executive Committee steers Visotec in keeping with our values and our brand vision: Making brands happen.

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