In Plymouth (UK), Visotec is carrying out the full identification and facade design and signage of a new Jaguar Land Rover dealership

In summer 2018, Visotec delivered a full façade design and signage and signage solution for a new dealership of the Jaguar Land Rover network, located in Plymouth (UK).

The dealership was thus brought in line with the standards of the global brand identity concept called “Arch”. Combining exclusive architectural design with elegant lighting signs, this concept bestowed a strong identity on the dealership.

The technical solution implemented in Plymouth drew on Visotec's know-how in three areas of expertise: manufacturing, project management and on-the-ground implementation. For Jaguar Land Rover's Arch concept, Visotec applies its working methods to both the illuminated signs and design and signage.

As an official global supplier to the Jaguar Land Rover automotive group, Visotec is currently the only player on the market capable of taking care of all dealership identification needs in an integrated manner. This is a significant advantage for the brand and the dealer, which translates into simplicity, coordination, time savings and overall budget.