Corporate Social Responsibility

Working in line with a CSR approach is an integral part of our corporate philosophy. This is why, for years, we have been committed to respecting or even anticipating environmental and quality obligations, and we ensure the satisfaction of our clients, who are increasingly demanding in these areas.

By acting in line with strong commitments on a daily basis, shared by all our employees, we are working to continuously improve all our offers, both in terms of manufacturing and services.

Rating 2020 - 2022
Our results show continuous improvements as:

The validation of our certifications on a yearly basis with ISO 9001 for quality management and ISO 14001 for environmental management. But also, with ISO 45001 as a safety management model, and mostly MASE / VCA certifications recently obtained in 2022.

A detailed study of our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions done in 2022 by an independent and external organization. This study allows us to establish a concrete and ambitious plan to reduce our GHG emissions (for instance, minus 5% on our transport every year).

Rewards proof of the improvements we have done on all CSR items. This award given by an external organization missioned by our customer allows us to establish a precise action plan to continue our improvements.

Overall life-cycle analysis
In line, we have defined 5 priorities for action, broken down into 12 commitments

CSR & governance

  • Implement common standards to ensure an homogeneous implementation of our ethical, social and environmental responsibility on all our sites and interventions.
  • Progressively involve our suppliers and subcontractors.

Responsible offer

  • Ensure the quality and safety of our products and installations.
  • Implement responsible worksites that respect both the environment and the safety of people.
  • Improve our products and manufacturing methods, in particular through eco-design in such a way as to anchoring our offer in the circular economy.
  • Develop innovative offers that respond to emerging environmental issues.

Professional fulfillment

  • Ensure healthy and safe working environment to protect the physical and mental health of our employees.
  • Continuously improve working conditions on the basis of fairness and equal opportunity through dialogue.
  • Maintain and develop the skills and qualifications of our employees.

Ecological transition

  • Measure and reduce carbon footprint of our activities.
  • Reduce our environmental impact of our sites, in particular through water conservation, energy efficiency, reduction and recovery of our waste.
Integrated Management System


  • Contribute at our level to local sustainable development issues.

For Visotec, these commitments are a prerequisite for earning the trust of the world's most demanding customers, our employees, our partners, our suppliers and our entire ecosystem.

To effectively serve our strategy and achieve our objectives, CSR policy must be rolled out/implemented by each of us:

  • Through our quality, health, safety and environmental management systems and the associated certifications of our entities. Certified with ISO 9001 for the quality, ISO 14001 for the environment and MASE / VCA for safety.
  • By seeking continuous improvement and sharing of best practices among our teams.
  • Through individual responsibility oriented in a group collective approach, as formalized in our ethical charter shared with our stakeholders.
  • By monitoring and communicating performance through visual indicators.

We are committed to implement necessary resources in terms of human, financial, organizational and technical means to achieve our objectives and ambitions and we undertake to report regularly and transparently.

We are counting on the involvement of everyone to be the daily actors of the improvement of our performance through the implementation of this policy.

We invite our stakeholders to contact us in order to develop synergies and make progress together.

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