Corporate Social Responsibility

Working in line with a CSR approach is an integral part of our corporate philosophy. This is why, for years, we have been committed to respecting or even anticipating environmental and quality obligations, and we ensure the satisfaction of our clients, who are increasingly demanding in these areas.

By acting in line with strong commitments on a daily basis, shared by all our employees, we are working to continuously improve all our offers, both in terms of manufacturing and services.

Integrated Management System
Managing to serve continuous improvement goals

Quality, environmental and safety management are the responsibility of the Continuous Improvement Department, QSE, which reports directly to the Chairman.
Visotec’s strategy, set out each year by the Management Board, is implemented in all our departments, using SWOT analysis and interaction matrices. Through this integrated management system, we are able to empower each employee, in each department, on how the QSE is implemented in the company.
Naturally, while dynamic, this approach to management is no less aimed at complying with the standards for which we are certified:

  • ISO 9001 for quality and ISO 14001 for the environment.
  • ISO 45001 as a safety management model, eligible for MASE and GEHSE certification
Overall life-cycle analysis
The central place of eco-design

As we work to meet the requirements and demands of our clients and staff, it is our constant aim as well to limit our impact on our environment. We can have a real impact, through the technical choices we make, by giving preference to recyclable materials with low energy consumption levels, and reducing the share of exhaustible natural resources.

Every year, eco-design remains one of our environmental objectives, informing each of our decisions, during all stages of product design. Lightening up retail identities, cutting their energy consumption by giving preference to LEDs... are just a few of the actions we take to meet the environmental challenges of tomorrow today.

The satisfaction of our clients and employees

Actively engaged in a continuous improvement process, Visotec regularly measures the results of its activities and client satisfaction with the services it provides. As to our dashboard-based analyses, we are able to correct, with maximum responsiveness, any deviations observed.

The well-being of our employees is also at the fore of our concerns. Visotec thus makes it a point of honour to better understand their real needs and to optimise their working conditions as early as possible. That is why we regularly measure employee satisfaction and improve their workstations, without waiting for regulatory changes. One example is the PRAP (Prevention of Risks due to Physical Activity) policy implemented to preserve the health of our employees over the long term.

Consistently renewed standards

Visotec takes the action necessary to always be able to meet the new requirements of the global market or regional specifics. Our compliance with the latest regulations, directives and associated standards makes us capable of offering the best guarantees to our technologies and processes: Eurocode, CE marking, LU standard, standards related to light and non-light signs, etc. Special Qualifications for paints, adhesives and welds.

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