Since Arlux was first founded in 1958, Visotec has transformed from a simple manufacturer of brands to a true integrator of global solutions. Now a key player in brand implementations, we continue to build our expertise in tailor-made solutions and our ability to provide support across all territories with the acquisition of Lenoir Services.

Viotec first began producing signs in series in the 1960s
1958 - 1968

1958 Arlux, ancestor to Visotec, is founded

1958 Brand signs made by the unit

1965 Sign production in series begins

1967 Signage for Saint-Lazare Station, Paris

Visotec deployed the new Rover identity in France in the 1970s
1968 - 1978

1972 Signage created for Rover in France

1974 The new Arlux site, spanning 4,200 m², is created

1976 Arlux implements signage throughout the SNCF network

1978 100 employees

Visotec became the 3rd French teacher in the 1880s
1978 - 1988

1986 Arlux becomes 3rd French sign-maker

1987 32% of Arlux’s business is international

Visotec core business: making signs
1988 - 1998

1992 Peugeot contract signed

1993 Krone creates Visotec, which buys Arlux

1993 Visotec Services is founded

1995 Ford contract signed

1995 200 employees

1995 Visotec – Arlux UK created

1996 Series-produced signs become Visotec’s main activity

1996 Visotec Espana created

1997 New Visotec – Arlux plant opened, spanning 25,000 m²

Visotec establishes itself in Poland with the acquisition of the signage company Socha
1998 - 2008

1998 Visotec Progim acquired in Italy

1998 Visotec becomes 2 nd manufacturer of French brands

2001 Visotec Arlux GmbH founded in Germany

2002 Partnership signed in Ireland

2006 Socha acquired in Poland

2007 400 employees

Visotec begins deployment of the new Jaguar Land Rover signage
2008 - 2018

2008 Partnership signed in Switzerland

2009 First complete building cover produced

2009 McDonald’s provided with façade design and signages in Europe

2009 implementation of new Jaguar – Land Rover identity begins

2012 600 employees

Visotec acquires Lenoir Services in Lyon

2013 Partnership signed in South Africa

2013 Partnership signed in China

2014 Partnership signed in Brazil

2016 Partnerships signed in India and Canada

2017 Partnership signed in Bahrain

2018 Lenoir Services acquired

2018 - Today
2018 - Today

2019 Implementation of MyProject, web tool allowing to track identity deployment on-line

2020 Implementation of Peugeot’s new identity begins

2020 New plant creation in India

2021 Global co-installation of TotalEnergies' new identity in less than 18 months

2021 Reinforcement and deployment of a strong CSR policy

2023 Implementation of Stellantis new identity begin

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