In Lyon (France), Visotec celebrated Cluster Lumière's 10-year anniversary

Established in Lyon, Cluster Lumière has just celebrated 10 years of cooperative action serving innovation and competitiveness in the lighting sector. 

Lenoir Services, a subsidiary of Visotec Group, had a high-profile placeamongst the 170 members who came together for the occasion. The high point of the event came when the Lyon Court House was cast in light. The creation paid a fine tribute to 10 glorious years of interaction and research around the issues encountered in the field of lighting. The degree to which players mobilised and the decision to pool resources have enabled all members to co-evolve, fostering interaction in this teeming ecosystem. All of this work is aimed at a single aim: developing innovative lighting products and solutions, designed around applications and uses for light. Lenoir Services has drawn largely upon this dynamic to respond to the challenges it is dealt in signage and light-casting for points of sale and public places.

Visotec celebrated Cluster Lumière's 10-year anniversary