Our vision

Global, fragmented, and multicultural, the world is changing.

Consumer activity is changing. Consumers are now digital shoppers. They are more demanding with each new day. With digital, engagement and transactions come together and can take place anywhere. Distribution has become omnichannel and needs to be reinvented. Change or die.

Points of sale are no longer just points of sale. There are ever more formats and challenges. Showrooms, cash machines, logistics units, service centres, etc. – all of these are becoming brand media, places of experience, and strategic milestones in the client journey and in the relationship between the brand and its audiences.

In this new "experience economy", how can we create remarkable networks that spread the brand's difference and make a lasting impression on people's minds?

How can we signal networks, capture the public's attention, strengthen the power of the store in the shopping experience, and cast the brands in a unique, attractive and inspiring light, as much around the corner as at the other end of the world?

To meet these challenges, Visotec is asserting itself as
... and has reorganised around 3 complementary services.

Visotec our brand manifesto is making signs

With one of the largest production capacities in Europe, complemented by a new agile tailor-made production unit, Visotec models brands, their signs and their senses, to produce high-impact, attractive signage systems.

Visotec our brand manifesto manage brand deployment projects

Thanks to its multicultural project management teams, Visotec brings brands to life across all the challenges of a network and makes simple what seemed impossible.

Visotec our brand manifesto implement signage devices

Thanks to its own teams and carefully selected partners, Visotec rolls out brand signage, lighting and façade cladding on each point of sale. From the corner of the street to the other side of the world.

With this new organisation, Visotec strengthens its ambition and raison d’être: making brands happen, connecting them with their targets, in a vibrant, engaging and galvanising way, worldwide.

Loyal, close-knit, hailing from diverse cultures, highly qualified and experienced, VISOTEC's teams are mobilised around this shared ambition, in order to deliver the service that clients expect, for the benefit of their brand, their network and their vision.


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