A consistent image for Jaguar Land Rover across the world

Jaguar Land Rover
Geographical area
2010 to present


As a long-standing supplier to Rover and Land Rover, Visotec supported the brand in its successive acquisitions by Ford, and more recently by Tata Motors within the Jaguar Land Rover group. In 2013, Visotec was called upon to develop the new “ARCH” brand identity across the world.


In order to offer the entire Jaguar Land Rover network a solution that is aesthetically and technically identical, Visotec can call upon on a truly global network, combined with a unique global reporting system. While the production of logos, the vehicles of retail image, is centralised, sign assembly is decentralised to 5 factories, sharing the same processes.


The ARCH concept

Jaguar Land Rover's sudden growth spurred the manufacturer to invest in a new, more modern and attractive image, better able to reflect its ambitions for innovation.

Much more than a make-over, the dealerships were redesigned to give the brand's clients a qualitative and differentiating experience on a highly competitive market. This was achieved using the “Arch” concept, premised on a sleek design, easily identifiable and identical across the world.

Jaguar Land Rover Logos in all their majesty, by Visotec

Key figures

  • 2010/2013 – 740 orders
  • 2014/2018 – 350 dealerships
  • 5 factories dedicated to assembly
Jaguar 3D logo by Visotec
The New Jaguar Land Rover dealership by Visotec


To implement Jaguar Land Rover's new identity, the highest standards had to be upheld over the long term, consistency in brand image being of central strategic importance for the manufacturer. Visotec has managed to achieve this objective by implementing uniform quality and standard throughout the world, while adapting to local constraints and standards. With this aim of universal coherence in mind, our central project management was supported by a network of local partners, the privileged guardians to the new identity.

Throughout the world, the service quality offered by the Visotec network is constant. This enables us to significantly rein in our verification efforts.

Stephen Capron, Purchasing Manager for Retailers, Jaguar Land Rover