Understanding and innovating

Developing relevant brand identity solutions is not something that can be undertaken ex nihilo. Before setting out to manufacture, there must be a clear understanding of our clients’ expectations, the challenges specific to their retail identities, the personality of their brands, their aspirations, etc. This is why our teams place such importance on dialogue, co-constructing the initial reflection with the brand managers and working hand in hand with their brand design agencies. Because it takes the time to carry out this work upstream, Visotec can then design innovative solutions to implement the brand at the points of sale, test these ideas and develop unique signage systems, specifically conceived of for the project in question.

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Visotec analyses and innovates to produce signage elements

Prototyping and testing

Before each prototyping phase, we provide our clients with a range of samples: materials, lighting solutions, structures, etc. which we will have the honour of assembling to form a harmonious whole. Then comes prototype creation: a galvanising and decisive stage for the future of the project. Experiencing the prototype as set at a “pilot site”, our clients and designers get their first taste of the project’s raison d’être. It is during this stage that the imagination comes up against inevitable technical constraints. Each parameter must be tested and adjusted to reach an optimal final version. Each component, from point of sale signage to direction components, outdoor identity elements, and indoor signage, is subject to the same exacting standards.

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Visotec produces signage prototypes and tests them

Manufacturing in series

Mass production offers more than one advantage. First of all, it guarantees the absolute uniformity of the equipment manufactured, and therefore of the client’s identity through its network. Secondly, it does so in a cost-effective manner, as production costs and lead times are thus largely optimised. With 4 plants in Europe, Visotec is an expert in mass production supported by a proven industrial process and technicians with sophisticated knowledge. Because, automated as it is, manufacturing will always require the human touch, foresight and sensitivity.

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Visotec produces signage components in series

Tailor-made products

Visotec’s 60 years of expertise are without doubt a valuable asset in fulfilling our clients’ special needs. Our know-how in the area of made-to-measure is constantly expanding, and every new request is an opportunity to demonstrate the agility characteristic of our processes and teams. This can be seen in our Divisions dedicated to exceptional projects, and created with the aim of delivering the best possible service. Our sales representatives and project managers work in close collaboration, paying close attention to the needs and questions of our clients throughout the project.

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Visotec produces bespoke signage

Dressing façades

Visual identity in architecture has changed profoundly, and brands that once wanted to display the same logo everywhere are now seeking to express their identity in a manner that is both more global and more understated. Façade design and signage has thus become truly a design profession, aimed at conveying not only an image but also values, in harmony with the architecture of the building. design and signage is central to the strategy of Visotec, which strives, with each of its projects, to create a harmonious ensemble that is immediately identifiable with the brand.

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Visotec dresses up point of sale façades with its cladding inspirations

Integrating lighting solutions

Whether to promote a logo outside a point of sale or products inside a retail store, lighting is an integral part of brand image. Visotec has taken this truth to heart and for 15 years, our specialised division has been extending and enhancing the identity of retailers through innovative lighting solutions and tailor-made lighting objects. In this area, our know-how is wide-ranging and attention to detail a priority. Value for money, too, is of importance to us, and we make sure that our solutions are all the more attractive as they reconcile personalised design with mass production.

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Visotec offers innovative lighting solutions for points of sale

Our signage components

Visotec covers all signage needs, from the elements that make it possible to identify from afar a dealership or point of sale, to the zoning and internal orientation components of our points of sale, shopping centres or public places. We manufacture, through standard or customised production, all signage elements, whether light or otherwise, as well as the brand elements essential to brand implementation. Our responses strike just the right note, whether with major multi-site networks or more individualised requests, such as design and signage for head offices or cultural venues. Our signage elements are designed in accordance with on-site safety issues, architectural standards and the environment.

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Visotec delivers all types of store and branding solutions

Why Visotec

Producing, to bring brands to life

Over the last 60 years, we have supported multiple brands in their quest for excellence, designing high-quality, and often unique products. Our industrial process has been thoroughly tested to guarantee maximum efficiency, from the choice of innovative technologies to mass production or custom-tailored production. In addition, your project is taken up by dedicated teams, selected for their specific expertise. Finally, thanks to our 4 factories, you benefit from the largest sign manufacturing capacity in Europe, and the most comprehensive.

Visotec manufactures brands to deploy brands worldwide