Visotec lights up the "Drugstore Parisien” the new urban concept of the L'Oréal and Casino Groups

The Casino and L'Oréal Groups joined forces to create an extraordinary drugstore brand. They wanted to invent and create unique venues like none seen before, based on a new concept that also adapted to the needs of urban residents, and blended beauty with well-being and snack foods.

Lenoir Services, a company of the Visotec Group, took up the challenges of this project alongside the agencies Versions (architecture), the BonsFaiseurs (graphic design and communication) and DYNA Lighting (lighting designer) to develop and manufacture in record time (only one month) several flagship structures for the concept:

Three tailor-made lighting fixtures were produced to delineate the different zones in the stores: EspaceIntime, L’Orgueà Kairos and La Table àCadeaux.

Custom-made luminous arches were created to bring out the shop's frame with a dynamic white “pulsation” type steering mechanism.

Media display cases and light boxes round out the interior design.

These unique, structuring elements in the new store’s concept can be seen at the brand's first two sites in Paris: one at 66 Rue de la Chausséed'Antin near Galeries Lafayette and the other at 122 Rue du Bac, next to Le Bon Marché.

With these creations for Drugstore Parisien, Visotec affirms its willingness to meet the challenges of lighting designers by manufacturing innovative light fixtures with high added value, capable of addressing the new challenges of retail.

Le Drugstore Parisien - éclairage intérieur par Visotec