Upkeep and maintenance

Our signage solutions have a remarkable lifespan, which often extends beyond the point of marketing obsolescence. At the same time, our clients’ brand images are likely to evolve to the beat of market developments and the related marketing policies. It is thus fundamental that our products be considered over time, both in terms of maintenance and renewal, in accordance with constantly-changing distribution networks.

After-sales service, as it is referred to, falls into two main categories: preventive and curative. In the former case, the action consists of cleaning, checking and possibly repairing a damaged, worn or simply dirty product. It is an easy task for us as a product designer and installer. Offering optimal value for money, this service is included in the original estimate, ideally over a set period. However, we also offer this service to all our clients who want to benefit from our expertise later on downstream, in which case we deal directly with each site that comes to us.

In the latter case, our so-called “curative” action consists of efficient and rapid intervention in response to a problem or additional need, observed after the event. We make it a point of honour to be available to fully meet our clients’ expectations in this regard. It is thus not unusual for our project teams to intervene on demand, including many years after installation. It is this flexibility and responsiveness, at the heart of our after-sales approach, which help build our clients’ loyalty for many decades.

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