Installation is probably the trickiest part of our job. First of all, the stage itself is the culmination of a lengthy process. Plus, it is the quality of the work up to this point that will determine whether the project is successful. Furthermore, installation is the visible part of our know-how. It must therefore be an exemplary reflection of all our precision. Finally, it is a stage in which our teams have to overcome a number of uncertainties, stemming sometimes from the weather, other times from the architecture, showing great flexibility throughout.

Visotec anticipates the installation process right from the product design stage. Consequently, our engineers work in close conjunction with the project managers, and logistics and installation teams. Each characteristic with an impact on weight, ease of assembly and safety is carefully reviewed to ensure the success and efficacy of the installation. This makes it possible to limit on-site operations, the cost of which is twice that of factory production. Our clients most definitely take notice of this, all being acutely sensitive to the value for money offered by our projects.

On site, our teams are dedicated to offering the best service. Communicating with our clients, ensuring the quality of our finishings and the cleanliness of the site... Our dedication on all of these fronts is decisive in securing everyone's satisfaction. This is why our satisfaction surveys are addressed both to our clients' central services and to the managers of the points of sale, the latter being the ones who live with and in our facilities for many years to come.

Our teams are also expected to reconcile complex requirements. In particular, they have to adapt to unmoveable deadlines, defined by an inaugural event or a business takeover. Sometimes, they are asked to work even while commercial activities continue, and therefore must also limit disturbance and impact on clients.

The constraints stemming from architecture or climate require exceptional skills. The height of certain buildings, rain, wind or extreme temperatures, are all components that we take into account throughout our process. This precautionary approach is decisive for an impeccable final result.

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