Identifying needs

The ability to effectively analyse specifications, context, constraints and objectives is crucial to the success of any brand implementation programme. Our lengthy experience has given us valuable expertise in running large and complex projects, to the great satisfaction of our clients. It is, in fact, not uncommon for Visotec to be named leader of the sign-maker pool when a client chooses to involve multiple service providers in its projects.

Whether the visual identity is to be designed for a commercial on a single site or across multiple sites, in-depth analysis of all the structures is a crucial step. Referred to as the “survey” stage, it allows Visotec to detect any potential mounting and installation issues, or even problems with durability and weather-resistance. When networks extend to several thousand sites, geography is a key point of complexity and Visotec’s national and international network is a decisive asset in overcoming it.

From a strictly technical point of view, the survey will include in particular an analysis of the existing signage and the “traces” it is likely to leave behind. For this reason, it is the duty of our design office to be fully-familiar with the situation as well as the new technical specifications. The latter are often extremely elaborate during calls for tender or preliminary phases. It goes without saying that Visotec particularly appreciates the relationship with offices and design agencies, well in advance of the implementation phase.

However, the audit does not stop there and our teams also take the time to understand the organisational, administrative and accounting processes adopted by each client. This allows us to precisely adjust our resources to the needs and internal and external structures of the brand, with which we will be collaborating and communicating.

In addition, since the 2000s, the tendency of our clients to further outsource their project management needs has led Visotec to regularly take the lead on the sequence of operations.

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