Our profession operates at the very heart of visual identity. By implementing that identity across a network, we contribute to the success of marketing strategies designed to reach consumers, whether they are looking to buy a car, a banking service or a hamburger. Because, whether they are aware of it or not, clients always receive the messages aimed at them by their favourite brands. These messages will last beyond their store visits, and make the difference in the face of the competition.

During the process of implementing a brand programme, Visotec keeps an eye, at each stage and systematically, on the brand's visual aesthetic. It does so first of all, when designing signage, in collaboration with its clients’ offices and design agencies. The aim at this stage is to ensure that the abstract concept originally devised is translated concretely by the elements in volume. This is when the sampling and prototyping phases take on their full dimension. Thanks to our dedicated showrooms and design labs, our clients can easily visualise and validate the desired effects.

The next step is to test in situ, at one or more “standard sites”, the concepts imagined and tested beforehand. This is the so-called preview stage. It enables the client to validate the estimate from an informed perspective, guided by a visual that helps them project into the desired result. In some cases and more and more frequently, this complete case file is also used when applying for administrative approvals, so that the local urban planning authorities can monitor and enforce the law in accordance with the geographical area.

The last crucial step comes when the complete photographic report of the site is produced. Extremely detailed and documented, it is issued in conjunction with the sign-off process, and enables the client to validate the invoicing and payment.

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