Effective and safe signage for the court houses of the APIJ

Geographical area
2015 to present
Keys figures
3 sites completed


Lenoir Services, a company of Visotec Group, won several public tenders to produce the signage for Agence Publique pour l'Immobilier de Justice (APIJ), including the one for the signage of the court house in Strasbourg. A building dating from 1897, it had just embarked on a renovation and extension period set to last four years. For our work on the signage structures, we were subject to one prerequisite: that they blend in perfectly with the materials used in the interior architecture and make the structures more resistant to deterioration, all the while guaranteeing safety.


We paid particular attention to the finishing of the signage structures. These were designed using raw materials, with surface treatments such as polishing, brushing, anodising and anti-graffiti varnish. Technical solutions were devised specially to reduce production times. We also implemented a chemical engraving rather than mechanical engraving process to encourage volume surface treatment.


Our upkeep and maintenance teams regularly monitor changes in the signage of the sites that we have equipped by maintaining and adding additional structures, all the while making sure they are perfectly consistent with the existing ones.