The Quai Branly Museum: modular light signage

The Quai Branly Museum
Geographical area
From 2008 to today
Keys figures
40 luminous structures created


The Quai Branly Museum needed special indoor illuminated signage to mitigate lighting in rooms containing UV-sensitive works. Outside, the museum also needed to equip itself with signage that would enhance the car park, restaurant and ticketing area.


For the indoor signage, we produced a custom-tailored, extra-fine lighting solution. A control mechanism was provided alongside the system so that the light intensity could be regulated as desired, in accordance with the type of work and atmosphere sought in each room.


The light technology brought in by Lenoir Services / Visotec enabled the Quai Branly Museum to stand out for its original museographics. Today, the venue is seen as unique and innovative, in particular thanks to the way its lighting atmosphere is managed.