Toyota: Performance, rewarded by loyalty

Geographical area
France, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Italy and Africa
1988 to 2018
Keys figures
Renewal of 3 successive images in 30 years. Full identity makeovers for 600 dealerships


Following our close collaboration with Toyota in Europe, Visotec identified 5 pilot sites in France and Belgium for their new image in the 2nd half of 2022.

Since 2023, Visotec has been manufacturing signs for Belgium and Luxembourg. 4 other sites have been identified so far.


More than a manufacturer and installer for its signage, Toyota needed a player ready to provide maintenance on all of its dealerships’ façades.


The Toyota Arch

The design and signage needed for Toyota dealership façades is like no other due to the set of entrance arches (architectural surrounds found at all entrance ways) made of high-strength glass which they feature. The major advantages of this material, more noble than plastic materials, are longevity, shine and recyclability. Since 2004, when the design concept was first rolled out, many manufacturers have opted for glass as well.



The ability of the Visotec Design Office to integrate new techniques and materials has enabled Toyota to significantly extend the longevity of its brands, through a brand image that has not aged a day. This collaboration has definitely enabled us to put to work a wide range of our know-how, but also to broaden its scope by developing new skills specific to the field of "building architecture".