Honda : an exclusive collaboration born in London for implementation across Europe

Geographical area
2000 to present
Keys figures
5,000 dealerships


Before the 2000s, Honda Europe was not structured on the sale of the continent, and each country or region chose its own local suppliers. It was in this context, with the dealer unable to ensure the uniformity of its image through a strict European identification charter, that Visotec began its work.


Thanks to its strong presence in the UK market, Visotec was able to work upstream with the London designer mandated to create the new identity of the Honda dealerships. The new concept was thus first launched overseas. Building on this first success that effectively illustrated our skills and know-how, we went on to duplicate the operation throughout Europe, including Russia.


Key components of the new Honda image

From as early as 2007, Honda’s design office had picked up on a trend, subsequently confirmed, in which identity was expressed not only in the signs, but in the very architecture of the buildings. One example was the innovative “sunshades” concept, for which Visotec specifically developed new skills, both in design and installation. This close and upstream collaboration with the designer has resulted in a range of innovative, efficient and competitive solutions.

Signage for new Honda dealership entrance by Visotec


Our strong support capacity at the European Headquarters in London was decisive in the successful implementation of the project. Our expertise successfully echoed the work of the London designer, resulting in a viable, effective and consistent approach to industrialising the visual identity, in line with the brand's qualitative objectives.

Similarly, each of our operations has contributed to preserving the homogeneity of Honda’s brand image, whatever the country in which the dealerships are set.

Even today, to implement Honda’s brand new image, Visotec remains the exclusive supplier to all car dealer and motorcycle networks in Europe.