Implementing the Mercedes brand’s new image, including works

Geographical area
Since 2003
Keys figures
350 sites


Until 2002, a small company with only two set-up teams was in charge of managing all the set-up needs at the new Mercedes dealerships. In 2003, Mercedes France launched a call for tenders to implement the brand's new image, known as "Midnight Blue". Visotec emerged the winner of that competition.

In 2015, a new call for tenders was launched to roll out a brand identity concept, including work management. The project covers the 350 Mercedes dealerships distributed over the national territory and overseas departments.

To win this new contract, Visotec got organised and set up a new works management organisation capable of managing all the services needed at each site of the network.


For this project, Visotec rolled out an unprecedented set of services. An estimate writing and management system has been specifically developed for the brand.

A unit composed of skills in and around managing building services was created and qualified partners were elected for each type of business required to implement the new brand identity.


Simplifying the estimate writing process

An automated digital tracking tool, covering all the services required to effectively serve a dealership, was created.

Mercedes Benz logo deployed on a dealership by Visotec

Centralising inventory and logistics

A central stock connected with transport and crane operation logistics was created and managed.

Cut-out letters from the Mercedes Benz brand set up by Visotec

Key figures

  • From 2003 to 2015: 300 sites identified with the “Midnight Blue” image
  • From 2015 to 2018: 350 sites identified with the new “Black Corporate” image, with works management
Mercedes Benz signage totem deployed by Visotec


In 2018, Visotec finalised the image of all the sites across the nation. France will be the first country in Europe in which Mercedes successfully rebrands its entire network.