Total: Support right from the pilot phase

Geographical area
Europe, Asia, Africa, America
From 2002 to today
Keys figures
2,800 stations installed


Visotec has been Total’s preferred partner since 2002. The collaboration began from the pre-project design phase, with our teams producing the prototypes and “test stations” where Total's new identity would be chiselled out. When the oil company decided to establish a new image for its TAIR and ACCESS networks, in 2012, it once again placed its trust in Visotec.


Visotec was involved very early on in the image transformation planned for TAIR and ACCESS, supporting designers as they explored the implications of the future industrial development. Right from this pre-project phase, and later into the implementation and manufacturing phases, Visotec was highly responsive, activating 2 production lines and its global network of partners.


Visotec's local presence in the countries

Being close to the local teams is a key factor to project success. Visotec offers direct support to Total's teams, regularly working at their side.

Total Service Station and canopy with enhancing light by Visotec

Training and support to local Project Management teams

Through internal training at Total Group's entities, Visotec offered support on the topics of brands, logistics, storage and installation support. This support made it possible for them to speed up the projects, while substantially reducing potential problems.

Total Service Station illuminated by Visotec


Each step of the way, as it established the new image, Total was able to count on Visotec to provide a wide range of expertise skills, drawing upon the diversity of its know-how. Being an active part of the project from the pilot phase, we also took care of network implementation and maintenance, across all the oil company's territories: Europe, Asia, Africa and America.