Helping Shell achieve the highest HSSE standards

Geographical area
Europe and the World
2016 to present
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120 stations installed in 2017


Since 2016, Visotec has been one of the 6 official suppliers of the new SHELL RVI Evolution (RVIe) identity and the only one in Europe. Our Group is also one of the 2 global suppliers of price displays referenced by SHELL.


Visotec showed its outstanding responsiveness during the prototyping and implementation of SHELL RVI Evolution’s identity, but also during manufacturing, thanks to an outstandingly efficient production line, which put out products that combined high quality with competitive prices.


Stronger local presence

The success of the SHELL RVI Evolution identity implementation was all the greater as we had stepped up our local project management teams in the targeted countries.

Station-service Shell signalétique déployée par Visotec

Training and support

Visotec offered to support the teams in each country, training them on the topics of brands, logistics, storage and installation support. This support made it possible for them to speed up the projects, while significantly reducing potential problems. By staying close at hand for clients, Visotec provides better communication within the project teams and thus smoother execution.

Station-service Shell Totem XXL et indicateur digital de prix déployés par Visotec


HSSE criteria are a priority for Visotec across all its markets. This is particularly true when dealing with the oil sector, where it takes special care in training teams and establishing an HSSE internal culture.

Station-service Shell auvent et signalétique déployés par Visotec


In addition to successful global project management, Visotec demonstrated the excellence of its manufacturing expertise. This collaboration showcased our ability to sustain the highest HSSE (Health, Safety, Security and Environment) standards.