Thermoformed signage to unify the Generali branch network

Geographical area
Since 1998
Keys figures
3,000 branches + head office France


For more than 20 years, Visotec has been manufacturing and installing signs for the Generali branch network, in particular further to the mergers carried out by the insurer. In 2015, Generali issued a new call for tenders. Four brand manufacturers were approached to modify the network’s signs and implement the new logo showing an non-truncated lion.


In bidding for this contract, Visotec stood out for its offering of thermoformed brands, its ability to manufacture all the signage elements within the given timeframe and implementing the new brand image throughout the country.


Thermoformed signs

Thermoforming makes it possible to create qualitative signs that effectively dress buildings, whatever their characteristics.

Generali network flag sign illuminated by Visotec

Signage for the Head Office of Generali France

The 4 companies in the head office were created in wooden letters with LED lighting. 4x4 metres in size, they were manufactured and installed on the 3 Wilo, Innovatis and Jade buildings, the 3 buildings that make up Saint Denis headquarters.

Generali Insurance Company’s French headquarters branded by Visotec


Since 2015, Generali has once again placed its trust in Visotec, asking it to implement its new image on its 3,000 branches and the façades of its head office.