Banque Populaire: a trust relationship 20 years young and going strong

Banque Populaire
Geographical area
1992 to present
Keys figures
3,600 branches


In the 1990s, Visotec became the exclusive supplier to the roll-out of Banque Populaire's new image throughout France. This means that for more than 20 years, we have been working with the banking group to support the rejuvenation of its brands in the regions.


In 2017, as exclusive supplier, Visotec implemented all the banners for Banque Populaire branches in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region. The following year, our group implemented the new image for all the agencies in the Grand-Ouest region.


Transforming in record time

In 2017, Banque Populaire called upon us to replace the banners of its branches in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region. In total, 204 bank branches were rebranded in just 8 weeks.

Banque Populaire bank branch cladding by Visotec

Changing the identity after France’s regions were reshaped

In 2018, Visotec is rolling out the Grand Ouest campaign to refresh the agencies’ image, following the territorial reform. This is a major undertaking, as it embraces the banners at 120 Banque Populaire branches, the brands of the 72 Crédit Maritime branches and the YRIS building, the Nantes headquarters of Banque Populaire Atlantique.

External branding of Banque Populaire du Grand Ouest by Visotec


The technical work carried out upstream from the project made an essential contribution to its success. Visotec’s collaboration with the designer responsible for the new identity helped secure the aesthetic quality of the final outcome.

The care taken in this upstream phase, combined with the efficiency of our processes, enabled us to rejuvenate the image of Banque Populaire’s agencies meeting all the quality criteria, in the shortest possible time. As maintenance provider, we are now focused on sustaining the new image in both regions.