The new SKODA identity, between signage and architecture

Geographical area
2015 to 2018
Keys figures
1,200 dealerships in 2 years


In 2012, SKODA came out with a new concept to promote its dealerships. This concept is based on an innovative and balanced design combining the classic signage of the automotive sector with the architecture of Volkswagen-type façades. As part of this shift to a new identity, extremely modern compared to the previous visual embodiment, the brand called upon Visotec to develop customised solutions and implement them throughout Europe and Russia.


The challenge for Visotec was to develop an industrial product that would be suited to all types of buildings across Europe, including Russia. It handily took up the challenge of large-scale custom design, what’s more, at a very competitive price, thanks to the extremely detailed cost analysis carried out on the solutions.


For this project, the centre of gravity of which was geographically found in Central and Eastern Europe, the VISOTEC plant in Poland was the natural choice, including for the project management aspects, centralised in Brodnica and Warsaw.

Name sign for the new Skoda dealership by Visotec


Visotec’s expertise in tailor-made work and cost competitiveness played an important part in the success of this operation. Moreover, our strong implementation capacity made a difference, as our Polish plant is a true centre of gravity for the Skoda network, strongly anchored in Germany, Eastern Europe and Russia.