SNCF: Signage with multiple objectives in a busy location

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Since 2017
Keys figures
2 stations: Signage Lettering 4 stations: “Augmented Mobility Space” and “microworking” projects


Through its station signage, the SNCF wanted to enhance its offer of related services by providing better access to train and station information, smoother traffic transitions to other modes of transport, redesigned waiting areas and simplified access to shops and “Collect & Station” areas.


The manufacturing aspect has led us to co-develop innovative solutions such as luminous kakemonos. On the installation side, we had to comply with the rules of the railway environment, particularly those relating to safety.


Related services to be highlighted

Information on services, such as other modes of transport or workspaces, is of major importance to SNCF. In its work to offer passengers a pleasant mobility experience, well before and after train travel, it had to improve station signage. With its sights set on passenger satisfaction, the Group has focused this major workstream on improving access to train and station information, fluidity to other modes of transport, and enhancing waiting and micro-working areas: “Work Station”, enhancing valuations and parcel pick-up locations: “Collect & Station”.



Aware of the high traffic in SNCF stations, we paid particular attention to materials and encouraged appropriate surface treatments. Thanks to this preliminary study, we were able to give the structures all the strength and durability required for this type of public space.

Regarding the installation, we managed to adapt to the constraints of the railway environment and its Vigipirate safety code. In addition, in order to ensure perfect control of the project within the planned deadlines and with the minimum impact on the public, we have drawn up intervention plans well in advance of the construction site, taken into account the number of visitors and followed an installation schedule with staggered schedules.