New designs and procedures to implement the DS brand worldwide

Geographical area
World (except France, Germany, UK, Spain)
2016 to present
Keys figures
250 dealerships


The DS brand asked Visotec to help roll out its new image and create a network dedicated to the new brand. For the client, the aim was to create a new network because there were not yet any points of sale dedicated to the DS brand. DS needed a player with international presence, as it was planning an offer that included supplying, delivering and installing visual identification over our entire geographical footprint.


Visotec is working with the WIP Design designer to define the visual identification products. In particular, we have had to develop injection tools to produce the frames, key components of the visual identification used on the street and façade totems, as well as the interior totems.


Key components in the new DS image

The DS SALON / DS STORE façade totems were the major component in this signage solution. For each site, we have had to adapt the height of the totems and take into account the technical constraints of the building to determine a method for mounting them on the façade or roof. We are working closely with the architects to decide how to supply and install the mounting brackets used to hold our totems. Each totem pole is a design specifically tailored to each building.



We have standardised the components of the façade totems in order to shorten production times and meet our contractual commitments, while creating signs of specific height each time. Specifications have been drawn up including our technical recommendations so as to optimise the installation of totem pole mounting brackets on buildings. And by adapting our project management process, we have been able to better understand client requirements, facilitate communication and ensure a smoother flow through the project's life cycle, from the study stage to order placement and installation.