McDonald’s: A consistent image that is operative throughout Europe

Geographical area
Since 2009
Keys figures
18 countries, 400 restaurants


In 2009, McDonald’s Europe unveiled the new image for its restaurants. The new concept is centred on the proximity of nature, builds on the concept of sustainable development and will ultimately cover the entire European continent without exception. The faux wood façades and green roofs replaced the old restaurants and have become part of our daily landscape. This is how Visotec gained a new image: that of a forest replanting old forests.


To implement this new commercial architecture across a continent, Visotec implemented a complete range of services, from the surveys carried out at each site to delivery of the turnkey installation, including the design and manufacture of all architectural design and signage elements.


Thanks to the close collaboration between our engineering teams and our network of partners in the field, we were able to translate each configuration, even the most rarefied, into an executable project. We provided for the large-scale industrialisation and longevity of the projects thanks to the judicious choice of materials used. One of the keys to success was our ability to adjust each achievement to local requirements to meet all applicable standards.