Tending to the image of the MGEN

Geographical area
2016 to present
Keys figures
30 centres converted to the new image


Lenoir Services, a company of the Visotec group, was called upon to implement the new visual identity of mutual company MGEN in the Group’s hospitals and care centres, found across France.


In conjunction with the identity design agency ENT Design, Lenoir Services / Visotec designs the structures, manufactures and installs light signage systems that are clear and adapted to each care centre.


Since the beginning of this large-scale project to implement the new identity of the MGEN mutual group, we have already worked on 30 sites throughout France. Each time, we ensure that the overall concept is adapted to the architecture and characteristics of the site, as well as to the wishes and needs of the local teams. We go about our task discreetly, intent on not disrupting the organisations on site and pay particular attention to the finishings of our signage works.