The new Peugeot identity : a shield for the network

Geographical area
France, Spain, Italy, Ukraine, Asia & Latin America
Keys figures
Target : around 4000 sites by 2023


Peugeot has developped a new identity to valorize its network. To undertake this, Peugeot decided to involve Visotec in the development and technical definition of its new image.

Since 2021, Visotec is ensuring the production and turnkey deployment of the entire range of signage in a large part of the world: Europe, Asia & Latin America.


Visotec supported Peugeot from the design phase to the production of this logo, allowing Peugeot to have the guarantee that its brand image is identical everywhere in the world. Indeed, our network of global partners ensures our customers a uniform quality of their brand image as well as the associated services (manufacturing, transport, installation & project management).


Visotec's expertise in supporting customers in their identities as well as our strong capacity for roll out have made it possible to meet the challenges of the Peugeot brand.