High visibility signs

The signage in form of pylons and welcome signs is unique in many respects. For years, we have been specialising in this particular type of design.

Welcome signs are massive structures reaching the height of up to ten meters. Their aim is to indicate the brand of institution from a fairly long distances. Price pylons are equipped with LED displays. Their long life significantly reduces the maintenance costs and ensures trouble-free functionality. The intensity of luminosity changes according the amount of daylight.


We needed a partner who brings us real technical innovations, major productivity gains and especially logistics foolproof in both the production and services because with our members, we were not allowed to make mistakes for our deployment;

We choose VISOTEC. Today, deployment is completed and it is possible for us to take a step back: we are pleased to have succeeded in our challenge, and especially to have chosen the best partner.

We keep our confidence in VISOTEC for further developments.

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