A solution up to the standards of the Total giant

Geographical area
Paris La Défense
Keys figures
A high-rise towering over 179m and letters more than 4m high


In 2014, Visotec was entrusted with the complex mission of installing Total's new visual identity on its head office, classified a High-Rise Building (IGH), while respecting the restrictions of the site in the heart of La Défense.


Whether the technical studies, crane design, manufacturing, installation or project follow-up... the project was carried out from start to finish internally and in accordance with a customised approach, adapted to the height of the building.


Adapting to achieve our multiple objectives

After an in-depth study of all the work constraints that go along with an IGH in La Défense, it was decided, in conjunction with the building's technical department, to install the signs using a lifting crane set specially for the project. Visotec designed and manufactured this crane, structured like a Meccano, set each element using the tower hoist, then assembled it on the roof. Each element of the sign followed the same route before being brought down to the façade to be assembled on previously installed blades.

The Total logo by Visotec on the Group’s headquarters, one of the highest towers in La Défense
Setting the Total logo on the Group’s La Défense high-rise with Visotec


Our teams successfully took up the challenge of establishing brands in an environment fraught with constraints. The upstream work alongside the building's technical services, the specially-designed dedicated crane, and the specially trained site professionals mobilised for the operation, all contributed to overcoming the local obstacles and avoid pitfalls. After this success, the oil company placed its trust in us again for three further projects on both buildings, stemming from changes in the Group’s name: Total, TotalFinaElf then Total.