Citroën: implementing the famed French automotive brand across the world

Geographical area
Since 2008
Keys figures
4,000 dealerships worldwide


Before 2008, only Citroën France had an official supplier in charge of implementing its signage across its network of dealers. When it came to implementing the new image around the world, the famed herringbone brand chose Visotec for its ability to support this global project.


One of the characteristics of the Citroën project was its urgency: the provider had to carry out a "knock-out operation" in order to implement the new image throughout the entire network in just 3 years. The preparation phase proved crucial to the success of this endeavour. In particular, it stirred the Visotec teams to work closely with the Citroën internal design teams, based in Paris.

Citroën herringbones in volume by Visotec


Visotec's know-how in mass-producing large series of logos and thermoformed and chromed texts gave the Citroën brand a reliable signage supplier with the best value for money.